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Arena tournaments are grouped together based on Brackets. These are based on the training level of your top fighters. However there are a lot of other rules in play as well to limit manipulation of the system.

The best authorities on the Arena Bracket rules can be found on the Hustle Prime discord server. San Transarm has compiled the rules here:


In the Arena becomes available from the world map starting at Throne Room Level 5. 10 players at a time participate in a tournament that consists of 5 rounds, each round lasts 2 minutes. All together, a trip to the Arena takes 10 minutes plus waiting time at the start to gather all 10 players, and sometimes a few seconds extra between rounds if not all the battles have finished.

Each round you pick your opponent and earn points based on if you are victorious and how fast you win. See Strategy below from more details on how to earn points.

The other players are all doing the same, however whether they chose to attack you has no influence on your points.


You enter the Arena with either a Tournament Ticket or apples. You can get tournament tickets by completing daily quests, clearing the daily invasion, in the Clan War chest, or as event rewards. If you place 1st when you enter with Apples then you will get 1 ticket with your reward.

Throne Room LevelCost in Apples

Points & Strategy

This section in still in progress.

You get significantly more points for attacking and beating someone above you on the table than below.

The exact numbers vary based on bracket. It can be 80 and 120, 100 and 150, mine is 150 and 225 in 7×100 bracket. But it doesn’t matter what the exact numbers are.

Every few seconds during the fight, this reward decreases by 1. This gives the advantage to high-damage squads (opposed to strong healing squads) in the Arena. Because when they win, they win faster.

If you do not win your challenge in 1 minute 30 seconds, then it is a timeout and a loss for you. Regardless of who is winning when the clock runs out.

The core of every strategy is that you don’t just want to win battles, you want to win against people who are ranked above you. For this reason, most strategy comes down to fighting your harder opponents first and saving the easier ones for last (so you don’t rase in the ranks too fast). Some will even skip the first battle to start at the bottom. The more you go to the arena, the better you will be at navigating the ranks in every situation.


The currency of the Arena is “Badges of Courage” or simply “badges”. You also get Glory (blue stars) and Set Material (if throne room 11) for battles won. And a chest if you place in the top 3. Rarely and randomly, you can also get the Royal Tournament Chest when placing in the top 3.

When participating using a tournament ticket:

Finish in PlaceExtra Badges Bonus
Bonus for all battles fought60

When participating using apples:

Finish in PlaceExtra Badges Bonus
1100 + 1 tournament ticket
Bonus for all battles fought20


The Arena store is very good. If you are leveling up fast, it’s where you will be buying your artifacts (see also detailed description of Arena Artifacts). If you are leveling up more slowly, or just spend a lot of time in the Arena, then you’ll be able to buy gear here, too. Arena gear is the best in the game, second only to event gear.

This page from the Hustle Castle Fandom site has such incredible details about what you will find in the store, that there is nothing I could add.
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