Weapon Speeds

Weapon attack speed is important for calculating damage. It’s also relevant for anything that has a chance of happening “on attack”. For example Crit, more attacks per second means more chance for a Crit attack. Though that Crit will be worth less since high speed weapons have less damage per attack. Even so, this is considered better because it evens out the probability

When you tap a weapon’s damage per second, you see its damage per attack (given as a range) and the name of the speed. The speeds have a little bit of varience. You can calculate the speed as follows:

[average-damage-per-attack] = ( [low-damage-per-attack] + [high-damage-per-attack] ) / 2

[attack-speed] = [damage-per-second] / [average-damage-per-attack]

Attack Speeds
Speed NameAttack speed will be close toConverted to Attacks per Second
Fast2 every second2
Normal1 every second1
Slow2 every 3 seconds0.67
Very Slow1 every 2 seconds0.5

The table above is a guideline. The actual exact attack speed will vary a bit. I have found that Orange weapons are almost always a little faster than the above numbers. While green weapons are almost always a little slower.

Event weapons seem to have even better attack speeds for their category. For example, my Viking Mace (Slow) gets 0.74 attacks per second. My Pirate Wand (Very Slow) gets 0.54 attacks per second.

Forging into an Ancient Set increases the damage, but is can raise or lower the attack speed. For example my Dino Wand did 0.5569 attacks-per-second before and now does 0.5399 (slower after forging). My Viking Scepter did 1.3737 before and now 1.2782 (slower after forging). However, my Viking Crossbow is now 2/100,000 faster, haha. So it can also go either way. I point it out because it’s interesting, but it is not something worth worrying about.

Weapon Types

Tank Weapon Types
WeaponSpeed NameIconUsed in Sets
DaggersFastShadow, Blade King
SwordNormalStorm, Baston
SpearSlowLegionnaire, Nameless King
MaceSlowPaladin, Eclipse
AxVery SlowExecutioner of Light, Annihilator
Mage Weapon Types
WeaponSpeed NameIconUsed in Sets
ScepterNormalIllusionist, Oracle
WandVery SlowPriest, Incinerator, Ice Angler
OrbSlowDarkula, Snake Charmer, Cardsharper, Octohand
GrimoireNormalNecromancer, Cultist
Archer Weapon Types
WeaponSpeed NameIconUsed in Sets
PistolsFastRaider, Mercenary
BowNormalFrost Death, Ranger, Van Hellsong, Reaver
CrossbowSlowBane/Doom, Demon Hunter, Dragonborn
ShotgunSlowInventor, Pyromancer