Getting started

We have a brand new area of the game (as of Monday, November 22, 2022) — TITANS!

Video of opening the Rift room for the first time:

Step 1 – Be Throne Room level 7 or higher

Titans are only for TR7 and up.

Step 2 – Build the Rift room in your castle

Go ahead and start construction on the Rift in your castle. This takes just over a day with 4 dwellers in the room and not spending diamonds to speed construction. More info on The Rift below.

Step 3 – Pick your starter Titan Squad

At this time we don’t have a universal best choice known yet. And it looks like it really doesn’t matter.

You have 3 choices of 3 titans. Each has 1 purple and 2 blue level titans. These 3 starter Titans are free. You can get the others later.

The 3 starter Titan options. Image credit: Lord X#1081

Techniques for choosing your starter Titans:
1) Pick the trio with 1 of each affinity (earth, fire, water).
2) Pick the trio with the best sounding purple Titan. This one will be carrying the squad in the beginning. Also the blues do not evolve to purple, they stay blue. So the purple will be the one that stays in your squad longer.
3) Copy a friend who is happy with their choice.

The word on the grapevine is leaning more and more towards: it doesn’t matter.

I personally chose the trio with 1 of each affinity. I hope this will make grinding the Tower easier, and then I can “collect them all”.

Step 4 – Start grinding the Tower

The tower resets daily, so start now.

You have to use your Titan squad to clear levels. Once you clear a level, you can’t go back. The Tower resets daily. More about The Tower below.

Step 5 – Upgrade your Titans

As you grind the Tower, you’ll get rewards. Use these to upgrade the Titans and climb higher. There are several ways to upgrade Titans, details below.

If you are going to stay free-to-play for Titans, then you will need to upgrade your blue Titans in order to climb and keep working your way up. Actually, a maxed out blue Titan can easily beat a non-maxed out orange Titan, so this is an option to consider. But it will still take time/money to get all the Essence and Particles needed to max even a blue Titan.

If you are going to spend an (in my opinion) reasonable amount of money, this is what I did:

First I waited a day to get a better feel for how they work and if I care enough to spend diamonds/cash. Then I bought 4 Ascension Chests (2k diamonds). This was enough to max out my 1-star purple Titan. Once maxed out, this triggered a few $2-3 offers. I purchased 4: the Essence to upgrade my purple Titan to 2-stars, the Sparks to max out level once he was 2-stars, the Seal Particles to max out the purple Titan’s Seals, the Titanate to pay for the Seal upgrades.

Once my purple Titan was a lvl 40, maxed out 2-star titan, I was blocked on further “Ascension” waiting for the room to upgrade before I can go to 3-stars. But regardless, I need time to get the 20 Essence for the Ascension (aka add a star).

This 2k diamonds and about $10 investment got me to level 20 in the Easy tower.

Next I turned my attention to the Abilities of my Purple titan. These are upgraded with Elemental Stones. A purple Titan’s abilities need purple Elemental stones. Elemental Stones are not included in the Ascension Chests. I sold out my store of the Purple Elemental Stones in inventory. Anyone else who is going to spend some diamonds on Ascension Chests should do the same.

I pretty much ignored the 2 blue Titans. Since Essence comes in randomly, once I start getting orange Titans, I’m going to soon have all of them and the blue will be on the sidelines. I also found my 2 blue die so fast, that the battle was always just about the 1 purple.

Step 6 – Send your Titans to War – finally, for real now, wait…., yes for real now in game!

After appearing when the feature first launched, being immediately taken away, then promised after a maintenance, then delayed, then promised again — they’re finally here!

Help your clan by deploying your Titan squad in war.

Step 7 – Get the Patronage of Legendary Titans

Once you get your Titans to Legendary level, your regular squad can benefit from their “Patron”.

This will take time (or Diamonds). I wouldn’t recommend spending diamonds while so much is still unknown. More on Patronage below.

The Rift Room

Go build the room!

To access the Titans feature, you need to first build the Rift room in your castle. It takes just over a day to build the room.

where to buy the room for construction
Get the room from the “Support” section of the Market

There is no known disadvantage to building the room or to upgrading the room. The room can be upgraded to level 4. If you buy any of the Special Offers you will soon want to Ascend your titan past 2-stars and need to upgrade the room. I suggest starting the upgrade immediately.

game screenshot showing "Lv 4 Rift required"
Image credit: Piny#0059

The advantages to upgrading the room are:

  • Able to upgrade your Titans beyond level 20
  • Able to have more Patrons for your regular squad. Remember, you need Legendary titans to give patron. So this is only useful if you have multiple legendary Titans.
Rift Room LvlMax Rank/StarsMax Level (tied to stars)Max Patrons
rift upgrade screen from level 1 to 2Construction upgrade screen for Rift. Going from level 2 to 3Construction upgrade screen for Rift. Going from level 3 to 4
Rift construction upgrade screens

The Tower

Section still being written. More info coming soon.

Resets daily. Can clear up to previous level with Auto battle.

Clearing a whole tower unlocks items in the store.

Changing the order of your deployed titans can help you win. It is believed that the “first” titan will take more damage.

Note maxed blue Titans are stronger than empty orange Titans.


Every titan has rank, level, seals, and abilities all of these are upgradeable.
— Essence are used to build / collect titans. And then to Ascend them (add stars/rank). Essence are specific to each Titan.
— Sparks are used to upgrade titan level (which increases all stats). Come in grey, green, blue, purple, orange. Can be used mixed, like gem dust.
— Seal Particles are used to upgrade Seals. Specific to each Seal.
— Titanite are used to level up Seals. Come in green, blue, purple, orange.
— Elemental stones are used to upgrade the abilities. Come in blue, purple, orange and need to be the color matching the Titan.
— Rift stones are used to buy stuff from the store.

titan essenceTitan Essence
seal particleSeal Particles
elemental stone
Elemental Stone
rift stone icon
Rift Stone
1 grey spark adds 1 point
Color SparkXP points given by 1 spark
Store ItemXPXP per Rift Stone Spent
50 Orange Sparks
for 25 000 rift stones
25 0001
25 Orange Sparks
for 12 500 rift stones
12 5001
25 Purple Sparks
for 6 250 rift stones
6 2501
25 Blue Sparks
for 2 500 rift stones
2 5001
25 Green Sparks
for 1 250 rift stones
1 2501
250 Grey Sparks
for 250 rift stones
1 grey titanite adds 1 point
Color TitaniteXP points given by 1 titanite
Store ItemXPXP per Rift Stone Spent
100 Orange Sparks
for 25 000 rift stones
50 0002
50 Orange Sparks
for 12 500 rift stones
25 0002
50 Purple Sparks
for 6 250 rift stones
12 5002
50 Blue Sparks
for 2 500 rift stones
5 002
50 Green Sparks
for 1 250 rift stones
2 5002
500 Grey Sparks
for 250 rift stones
Elemental Stones

Upgrading an Orange Titan’s abilities requires Orange Titanite; a Purple Titan needs Purple Titanite, Blue Titan needs Blue Titanite.

You can Synthesis Titanite “up” there’s no way to break it “down”.

10 Blue Elemental Stones synthesize to 1 Purple Elemental Stone.
10 Purple Elemental Stones synthesize to 1 Orange Elemental Stone.

Note that it is considerably more expensive to synthesize purple and orange Elemental Stones compared to buying them.


The store inventory refreshes daily.

Please ignore the rest of this section, while I collect confirmation on the info.

Clearing the Easy Tower unlocks:

ItemCostDaily inventory
Store items unlocked after beating easy tower

Clearing the Hard Tower unlocks:

ItemCostDaily inventory
Legendary Titan’s Essence (random)10 6505
Legendary Titan’s Essence (specific)27 5005
Legendary Seal Particle (random)15 0005
Legendary Seal Particle (specific)??
Store items unlocked after beating hard tower

Clearing the Very Hard Tower unlocks:

ItemCostDaily inventory
Legendary Titan’s Essence (random)??
Legendary Titan’s Essence (specific)??
Legendary Seal Particle (random)??
Legendary Seal Particle (specific)??
Store items unlocked after beating very hard tower

Collecting Titans

You collect Essence for each specific Titan. To add a Titan to your squad, you need to collect 25 Essence for that specific titan. You’ll need more Essence to Ascend it later.

various Titan Essences
Example of different Titan Essences

There are 6 legendary titans. The one currently favored as best is Thundersaurus.

[TODO add screenshot of a titan in the Collection screen ready to join]

Upgrading Titans

You “Ascend” your Titan to increase its “Rank” (aka add a star). Increasing Rank doesn’t actually make the Titan stronger, it unlocks the ability to reach a higher “Level“, and upgrade “Seals” and “Abilities“.

Increasing “Level” increases all the Titan’s stats.

Seals and Abilities each add another effect to the Titan. These level up in quite different ways. Patronage is a special 4th Ability that can be applied to your “regular” squad.

Video showing this:


Ascension adds a star to your Titan. The stars are called “rank”. Note, a blue/rare Titan never ascends to a purple/legendary. The color is set for each Titan and doesn’t evolve.

Ascension requires enough pieces of the correct Titan Essence as well as for the Rift to be upgraded.

Rank (stars) upgradeEssence neededRift level needed
1 to 2101
2 to 3202
3 to 430 (unconfirmed)3 (unconfirmed)
4 to 540 (unconfirmed)4 (unconfirmed)

Ascension to higher Rank (stars) does not make your Titan stronger. It unlocks the ability to upgrade the level, seals, and abilities (pedantic distinction: ability actually requires “level”). The level, seals, and abilities of your titan are what make it stronger.


Leveling up your Titan requires Sparks. The level you can reach is limited by your Titan’s Rank (see just above)

1 star – Max rank lvl 20
2 stars – Max rank lvl 40
3 stars – Max rank lvl 60 (requires Rift lvl 2) (unconfirmed)
4 stars – Max rank lvl 80 (unconfirmed)
5 stars – Max rank lvl 100 (unconfirmed)

Leveling up your titan increases all of its stats. Stats are upgraded all together on Titans. It also unlocks the ability to upgrade your Titan’s Seals and Abilities (see below).


Seals and Abilities are the 2 tabs you’ll see on the Titan detail/upgrade screen. They both add effects to your Titan, just are upgraded in different ways.

Upgrading Seals works similar to Titans themselves. Seals have a rank (stars) and then a range of levels as well.

Ranking up a Seal requires Seal Particles for the specific Seal. Adding levels to the Seal requires titanite.

Seals come in blue, purple, and orange rarities and each Titan has 3 Seals of matching rarity.

Note there are 21 Titans and each has 3 Seals — but there are not 63 different Seals. You will see some Seals repeated on different Titans.

The “top” Seal is always a ring/amulet looking thing. All of the orange Titans except Torturer use the same one. I can’t see a pattern. But 5/6 legendary Titans all needing that one type of Seal Particle is “interesting”.

The “left” Seal is always a sword of the matching element affinity and rarity. So all Epic-Water Titans have the same one here. All Rare-Fire Titans have the same one here. Etc.

The “right” Seal is unique for every Titan, unless I’m mistaken.

Rank (stars) requiredSeal level able to reach
Titan rank needed to upgrade Seals
Seal LevelXP needed to reach level
61 000
71 200
81 500
91 650
101 850
112 050
122 250
132 500
142 700
152 900
162 100*
173 300
183 500
193 700
203 900
XP from Titanite needed to reach each level for Seals

*NOTE reaching level 16 from level 15 should cost 3 100 xp points. But it looks like a dev made a typo when setting these.


Abilities are upgraded with Elemental Stones. A rare(blue) Titan needs Blue Elemental Stones, a legendary (purple) Titan needs Purple Elemental Stones, and an epic (orange) Titan needs Orange Elemental Stones. Elemental Stones can be synthesized.

colors of Elemental Stones
The different types of Elemental Stones

Abilities can be:

  • Basic: Titan will automatically apply the ability in battle
  • Passive: The ability works all the time and does not need to be applied

All Titans have 3 Abilities. The top is Basic and the other 2 are Passive. The Basic one requires more Elemental Stones to Upgrade. Legendary (orange) Titans also have a “Patronage” Ability. See more about Patrons below.

Elemental Stone costs for upgrading Abilities:
Rare Titan
– Basic ability costs 2 blue Elemental Stones to upgrade each level
– Passive Abilities cost 1
Legendary Titan
– Basic Ability costs 6 purple Elemental Stones to upgrade each level
– Passive Abilities cost 1
Epic Titan
– Basic Ability costs 10 orange Elemental Stones to upgrade each level
– Passive Abilities cost 4
– Patron Ability costs 10

Level limits on upgrading Abilities (for any Ability and any Titan)
Ability level 1 to 2, needs titan level 10
Ability level 2 to 3, needs titan level 20
Ability level 3 to 4, needs titan level 30
Ability level 4 to 5, needs titan level 60
Ability level 5 to 6, needs titan level 50
Pattern presumably continues to Ability level 11 (the max)

Note, the “?” button on the top-left of an Ability detail screen. Here you can see the effects as it’s upgraded. The max level is 11.

Titans in Clan War

There are now a few Titan towers –called “Outposts”– in clan war. The Titan Towers are colored. Here, you and your fellow clan members deploy your titan squads to fight other clans’ titan squads.

Clan war – now with Titan Outposts!

The Titan Outposts are worth Glory on their own. But if you win both the Titan Outpost and its color-coordinated “connected” regular Tower, then you get a Glory bonus.

See images of war map above and deployment screens below. Note “Treachery of Kings” and “Storm Outpost” and both blue; they are “connected”. I happened to be in both of these towers in this war, but that’s not necessary.

Regular clan war tower, with a bonus from winning matching titan outposttitan outpost in clan war
Connected “regular” war Tower and Titan Outpost
Clan War Rewards

Winning the Titan Outpost will get you a different chest. This “Protector’s Chest” has goodies for your Titans inside.

Image credit: Warlord#4683
Special reward for winning Titan Outpost in CW

Double winners also get double the clan territory coins compared to single winners (3500 vs 7000).

Clan War winners who are in Worker’s Neighborhood (WN) when the war closes get additional clan territory (CT) coins and some tavern ingredients. This has always been the case. What about double winners?

The example wars below, the single winner got 46 mixed tavern ingredients; the double winner got 92 — double the ingredients. Also the CT Coin bonus for being in WN is 315 vs 1260 — 4 times the difference.

Winning just with just Titan squadWinning with both Titan and regular squads
Mail rewards after wining titan outpost in clan war Mail rewards after double winning clan war
Workers Neighborhood rewards; single vs double winner


Once your Titan reaches legendary level, it can give your squad its “Patronage”.

Available in seemingly all game areas. There is now a little winged icon next to the squad where Patron info will be.

titan patron icon

The icon above is “empty”. It changes if there is are 1-3 Patrons.

Image credit: MagoKimbra#1233

You need to upgrade the Rift room to have space for more Patrons. Rift level 1 allows 1 patron; maxing out construction gets you space for 3 Patrons. See Rift above.

The Patron enhances your squad in all game areas (raiding, gem bay, arena, clan war, CT Abyss bosses, dungeon).

The only time that Titans effect Historical Power is when giving Patron. Dent Wesam confirms that each rank of the Patron Ability increases Historical Power by 50k.

The Titans

Place holder for information on all the Titans. To be added later.