What is Dodge

Dodge is what it sounds like, it is when your fighter avoids taking any damage from an attack taken at him or her.

As far as I know, Dodge only works against “Base Weapon Damage”. Each swing of an enemy’s weapon deals damage called “base weapon damage”. This is opposed to abilities which happen “once in a while” or “on ally death” etc.

Where does Dodge come from?

Like all attributes, Dodge comes from a number of places:

  • The base amount the fighter has from their fighter training level.
  • Gear. The bonuses in on the fighter’s gear, including both built-in and from gems.
  • Hero skills that increase Dodge.
  • The special abilities of the fighter or their allies. For example, a common special ability for souls is to “once in a while increase the dodge of all allied archers”. This happens dynamically and will not show in the fighters attributes.

Calculating Dodge

Crit and Dodge are “probability stats”. With Dodge that means that with each attach (swing of the weapon) there is a probability (a roll of the dice) that it will be dodged by your fighter and they will take no damage.

Probability stats are considered the least desirable since you can just be unlucky and not get them regardless of how high the attribute is.

I am currently contacting the people who have done insane work to discover the exact formula for calculating the probability of a Dodged attack based on the fighter’s training level their target’s training level, and the fighter’s dodge bonus value. I hope to include their work here with appropriate citation.