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There is a new game area as of March 16, 2022 — Lighthouse! Available to Throne Room Level 5 and above.

In the Lighthouse, you use “Energy” (aka attacks) to beat PvP opponents. The opponents are given in sets of 5. You get “Lanterns” for beating these opponents, with a bonus for beating more from the same set of 5.

The Lanterns move you along a challenge-event-style progress bar of rewards. The rewards are Chests of Elixirs.

You then use these Elixers to “Enhance” you fighters. Doing so is also a new “Daily Quest”.

Like Talents, the enhancement is attached to the Fighter (rather than gear like Gems). Because of this, you probably only want to use your Elixirs on fighters with Orange talents in Alliances that you will keep for a while (at least early on).


To attack in the Lighthouse you need to use an “Energy”.

We get 1 new “Energy” every 20 minutes. With a maximum of 5. This means to use all your attacks, you need to be coming to the Lighthouse every 100minutes (an hour and 40min).

Screenshot at moment the timer reset

Alternatively, 1 energy can also be purchased for 6 diamonds (TR11). This price does not seem to increase after making a purchase.

Buying 2 energy

Note: that if you lose the battle and play the Ad to restore lost resources, you get back spells but ONLY SOMETIMES the Energy. Not clear yet why it is working inconsistently.


The rewards in the Lighthouse are “Lanterns”. You can see how many Lanterns beating each opponent will give you. For TR11, the Lanterns for beating opponents is typically 18-22. Note that these numbers will change based on your in barracks squad power!

Test it for yourself — look at the Lantern rewards, then take 1 fighter out of barracks, the rewards should then be higher. I’ve heard of as high as 30.

You also for 10 extra lanterns for beating 3 in the same set-of-5. and 50 extra for beating the whole set-of-five.

These Lanterns move you along a challenge-event-style reward progress bar. The rewards are all chests of Elixirs. The chests go into Inventory and need to be opened. Then the Elixirs are accessible in the “Development” or perhaps we’ll call it the “Enhancement” screen.

These rewards refresh at the same time as Clan Territory (midnight GMT). (At least this is what it seems as I am writing, the day the feature was released.)

These rewards seem to be Throne Room dependent. At TR11, all chests are blue or purple. At TR6 the max is blue.

Additionally, like a challenge event, the reward line doesn’t actually end. More rewards keep getting added to the end as you get higher.


Each Elixir is for a specific attribute and comes in Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, or Red variety.

Once you open your Elixirs from the chests, you use them for Enhancements (next section).

Using an Elixir has a mana cost.



Enhancements are a new way to strengthen your fighters. Like Gems, they add to the fighter’s attributes. However, these enhancements are attached to the fighter themself rather than the gear.

You access Enhancements through this “Development” button. There are 2 tabs in this screen. Right now only the “Enhancements” tab is accessible; “Specialization” will be available in a future update.

The Enhancement tab lets you select an Attribute, then use Elixirs to increase that attribute.

There are also 4 new attributes:

  • Accuracy — Reduces the chance of an enemy fighter dodging an attack
  • Fortitude — Reduces the chance of an enemy fighter dealing critical damage
  • Pierce — Reduces the effectiveness of the target’s physical armor
  • Magic Pierce — Reduces the effectiveness of the target’s magic armor

New attributes, which can be enhanced with Elixirs just like any other attribute, have been added to the game. In the future, these attributes will also appear on items, including new items that will require a new socket and have a unique enhancement system. Expect the new items in a future update

— From Hustle Castle Community Manager Kate

The different levels (grey, purple, etc) “enhance” a particular fighter in the following amounts. I believe that these are the same across all Throne Room levels.

Magic Damage+4+8+12+16+20+24
Magic Armor+3+6+9+12+15+18
Spell Power+7+14+21+28+35+42
Magic Pierce+3+6+9+12+15+18
With thanks to Cico, Mikosoby, Dent Wesam, and SitAnna

Enhancement Maximums

There is a maximum that each attribute can be increased with Enhancements. It says so in the game.

The higher the level of the fighter, the higher the limit of each of the attributes.

AttributeMax for TR11Mana needed to maxIncrease to HP when maxed
Damage20 0008 335 00050 000
Magic Damage13 0008 125 00032 500
Health165 0008 250 00055 000
Armor10 0008 335 00020 000
Magic Armor10 0008 335 00020 000
Crit10 0008 335 00020 000
Dodge10 0008 335 00020 000
Spell Power25 0008 930 00025 000
Fortitude10 0008 335 00020 000
Accuracy10 0008 335 00020 000
Pierce10 0008 335 00020 000
Magic Pierce10 0008 335 00020 000
Thanks to Dandelion – Pralinky [ mikosoby#6769 ] for collecting this info!

As the feature is still new, I do not know what the maximums are, but will fill them in when I find out.

Rankings / Leaderboard

The leaderboard is broken up into groups of 10 players– making getting a special reward very doable!

If you are using most of your Energy throughout the day, then ,depending on your group, you have a good chance at top 3. The reward for #1 is really good. The reward for #2 is also good but there is a big gap between them. That makes getting #1 competitive.

The board resets every Tuesday and only lasts 48hrs. So the leaderboard is only in effect for Tuesday and Wednesday.

The top rewards are red elixirs!

There are even last place rewards. But it looks like if you don’t have at least 1 Lantern, then you have “no place” rather than 10th place. So make sure to use at least one attack in the lighthouse a day so you can get these leaderboard freebies.

No rank without at least 1 Lantern