Note if you are reading this in a language other than English, then I can’t guarantee the translation is correct. Also, if you are reading this in English, I can’t guarantee that the terms will always be used consistently in game, haha.

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Ability – The special power that a weapon, armor, or event jewelry normally has. For example resurrection, dealing splash damage, or sending out dinosaurs.

Ally – Anyone fighting on your side. This can include members of the other side if they are temporarily fighting for you due to mind control.

Ash – Nickname for ancient set Incinerator because it used to be called Ashbringer.


Base Weapon Damage – The damage dealt from the weapon’s DPS and not from abilities. See more on damage.

BS – Abbreviation for Backstab artifact. Same as teleport.


Chain Lightning (CL) – An arena mage weapon and weapon soul ability. Also an artifact (looks like a barrel). Also a rune effect.


Dexter – AKA Dexterity Armor, AKA Dino Armor. An older event armor that is very popular.

DH – Nickname for ancient set Demon Hunter

Doom – Nickname for ancient set Bane

DoT – Damage over Time. Normally not considered a negative effect or debuff.

DPS – Damage per Second, not to be confused with damage per attack. See more on damage.


EoL – Nickname for ancient set Executioner of Light




Historical Power (HP) – The power level in your profile; the highest power that you have ever used in arena, pvp, or (the strongest N, where N is your barracks capacity) gem bay.


Insta Kill (IK) – Sometimes also shortened to just “Insta”. Is an arena mage weapon and weapon soul ability. It is also an ability that is added to some event mage weapons, like the unicorn orb or knight staff. It is very popular on pala-mages because it is an ability that does not scale with Spell Power.





MA – Abbreviation for Magic Armor.

Magic Power – means Spell Power. Support apologized about the confusing wording in the Knightly Challenge gear and presumably the gear will be updated and the term not appear again.

MD – Abbreviation for Magic Damage.

Melee Fighter – “Melee” means hand to hand combat, so a Warrior in this context.

META – Most Effective Tactics Available. Aka the best options in the game.

Minion – Anything with a health bar in the battle stats counts as a minion. This includes hero totems, the barrel and chest artifacts, Illusionist clones, etc.

MM – Abbreviation for Magical mischief artifact.



Off Balance – Term first used in Pirate archer armor, where it was defined and later in Knight mage armor, where it was not defined. Game support has confirmed: it means unable to deal crit or dodge. Reduced armor is not included.

OIAW – “Once in a while”

Once in a while – a trigger that can mean anything. It is not consistent across different gear.


Prime – Refers to the Hustle Prime discord server. https://discord.gg/hustle-prime



Reflect – On arena gear, this means taking damage from the hit, and then returning it back as well. On the tank armor from the Knightly Challenge event, early tests have shown it meaning the damage is not taken by the wearer before sending the damage back.


SC – Abbreviation for Spell Caster artifact.

Silence – (In theory) stops all abilities including spells, artifacts, armor abilities, soul abilities, and set abilities. A silenced fighter only does their Base Weapon Damage. However, this is hard to test and might not always include all these ability types.

Splash Damage – damage that is spread evenly among the enemies that it hits.

Start of battle – This generally means the very start, before the fighters are even done running. Note the running takes about 3 seconds so fighting starts 3 seconds into battle.

Summon – As in to “summon a minion”. Can also be a noun, for example “that artifact is a summon”, meaning that the gear summons a minion.


Tank – Normally synonymous with Warrior. It can also refer to “heavy” or “tanky” tanks that have tank armor (aka tanks excluding Legionnaire, Storm, Shadow that wear archer armor). Hence terms like “tank-storm” for a Storm with warrior armor when 6/6 Storm is already technically a tank.

Teleport – when a fighter disappears and reappears behind the enemy. It’s an ability that can be found in different places, however without further context it probably refers to the backstab artifact.

TD – Abbreviation for Time Distortion artifact.

TR – Abbreviation for throne room level.

Turret – The cannon summoned by most riffle weapons. It is considered a minion and can trigger “on enemy minion” artifacts for the opponent. However, it cannot be controlled by an enemy Inventor’s set ability.




Warrior – Always means Tank. There were times in the past that it was used to just mean Fighter, but (as far as I know) those are all gone now.