Rune Database

A spreadsheet of ALL the runes and ALL their effects:

A video showing it in action:


Runes go on top of gear and are easily moved. Applying them is a bit like skins. But rather than change the appearance, they either add an ability or enhance the item’s inherent ability.

Gear that has a rune attached has a sparkling visual effect.

All runes can only be applied to one type of gear (weapon, armor, ring, amulet, or artifact). As of this writing (October 2022) there are no runes for souls yet.

Rune Events

We get runes during “Hustle” events. Every Hustle event 3 new runes are introduced. The 3 new ones will all follow the same rules (see rules section below) in terms of what type of gear they can go on and what changes the effect.

Each Rune Event, it is possible to get all the past runes. For this reason, Rune events are sometimes considered “skippable”; the new runes will be available again in a few months the next rune event.

Rune events are the ones with the island and collecting cards to make Collections. Collections are basically chests.

If you are only missing the 3 new runes, then it typically in the past takes somewhere around 50 collections to get the first rune, something around 120 for the 2nd, and 250 for all 3. The 3 typically drop in the same order for all players; but the order changes each event.

If you are missing lots of runes, then the event will be more rewarding for you. It still takes about 250 collections to get everything, but you will be seeing more runes drop during that grind.

There are also typically skins and an artifact but no other new event gear during “Hustle” events.


All the runes up to December 2022 and their names. Courtesy of Tiff (Tiff – Canuckleheads#0619)

I am also working on a document to show all runes also with their effects. Tiff prepared the icons for me. And I am looking for volunteers to help fill in the missing effects.
Work in progress document:


As mentioned, each rune can only be applied to one type of gear (armor, weapon, ring, amulet, or artifact). Some can also only be applied to one class (tank, mage, or archer). Class is defined by weapon.

The “original” runes

The first 9 runes from the first 3 rune events (sometimes called the “original” runes) have unique effects for every single item. When we get leaks for event items, the descriptions always say “without rune” and “with rune”. These are the armor and weapon runes they mean. For artifacts, they mean the rune of transformation, which adds an interesting change in the effect for every artifact it is applied to. The Speed and Power runes are also unique, but we can normally guess what they do. Speed shortens the cooldown time and Power will increase some values in the effect.

Note, these 9 runes are probably the best. They are (as of Feb 2023) the only runes for sale by the Dragon, but they can also be aquired for free during any rune event.

The next runes that were released were these 3 above. These can be used on any class of fighter and have a different effect for every weapon type. To date, these are the only ones that work this way. With the addition of pistols, there are 13 weapon types now — so 13 different effects for each of these 3 runes.

The next 4 rune events followed easier rules: they have a unique ability for each class of fighter, not for each type of weapon. So each of the 12 runes above has 3 different effects.

The most recent sets of (normal) runes followed new rules. These can only be applied to a fighter with the matching class; just like the very first 2 sets of runes. And they have a different effect for each weapon type. Class is determined by weapon, which makes the armor runes quite restrictive. A hybrid archer (archer with tank armor) cannot use any of these armor runes. An assassin (like ancient set Legionare) also cannot use any of these armor runes — she is a tank, but wearing archer armor. This set looks finished now as of the December 2022 Candy Hustle

Also in December 2022 we had a new type of “event”: the Diamond Cashback. This introduced the 3 runes pictured above. It is not yet known when these will be available again. I would personally be surprised if they are available for free in the next Hustle/Rune Event, but maybe!

The mechanics of these runes is that they can be applied on any class of fighter and have a different effect for each of the 3 classes.