The Basics

With each Living Room update, the capacity of your castle increases. You can see your capacity in the main Castle view, in the top-right corner just below the king’s face.

You get* residents by putting a male and a female resident into a living room until the female is pregnant. After [I don’t remember] hours the female will be pregnant and you can return the residents to other rooms. The pregnancy lasts for [I don’t remember], then you have to select to let the baby be born. The baby will be a child, mindlessly roaming the castle for [I don’t remember] hours. Then finally, you you will be able to turn them into an adult. Grab them and put them in a room or they will continue to wander around aimlessly.

NOTE You can also get residents from buying special offers with residents or the higher Portal chests. But you want to breed your own for 5-star residents.

Note: a pregnant female cannot be sent into battle.

Only once they reach adulthood will you be able to see the new residents star and training level.


Each resident has a star level. You can raise it with diamonds, but that is not worth it. The star level determines the maximum level that the resident can train to.

Star LevelMaximum Training Level

You will eventually want to replace all (or at least most) your residents with 5-star ones. Starting with your fighters.

Star Strategy

First bring your castle to capacity -1. Then have your highest star male and female keep making babies. Banish any new residents under 5 (or at least 4) stars. When you get a new 5-star, banish one of the low-star old residents and repeat. Obviously prioritize training the highest star residents.

NOTE High star level on the parents increases the chances of a high level baby. Training level also seems to be slightly influenced by the parents.


When possible, you want to train room-capacity +2 for each worker type (workers are non-fighter residents). For example, at throne room (tr) 11, my kitchen holds 6 workers. I have 8 trained to the max. If the game ever gets tr 12, I’m ready to train without lowering apple production.

I train the extras in Mana production. So they become Watchmakers and speed crafting in the meanwhile.

Worker Equipment

You want to use the best worker equipment to maximize production. Then to breakdown the worse equipment so that you can use those shards to craft fighter equipment. Also because all the worker gear will add up to an unmanageable amount if you don’t go through it regularly.

Here is the way I manage my 36 worker (6 each for gold, apples, mana, wood, iron, and mithril) and their equipment. I number my workers in each room from 1-6 and strip off everything. #1 gets the best gear, then #2 gets the best after that, etc.

Most the worker items I get now are grey or blue items worse than anything my workers currently have equipped. Since I’m diligent about always making sure #1 has the best equipment and #6 has the worse equipment, if a new item is worse that what #6 has equipped, I can immediately breakdown that item. So in the end this system saves time as well as ensuring I’m using the best equipment available.

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