PvP (Player vs Player, also called raiding) is pretty straight forward. If there are any questions that I could answer here, please comment or email me.

NOTE If you can only play in short increments, then PvP is the aspect of the game for you! You get glory and resources. And the way to excel is by checking your map frequently throughout the day, no advantage to playing for an extended time all at once.


The world map will have various other players on it that you can attack. Taping on one will show you their strength according to their profile. However, their actual strength could be lower (it can’t be higher). You’ll find many players who don’t have their full squad in their barracks and you get an easier win than you were expecting. Scouting is the only way to know.

Along the left of that pop-up, shows the resources that will be your reward if you win. Unless you have a quest or are gathering Glory (blue stars, then there is not much sense in attacking someone unless they have resources you want.

Along the right, you will see the non-resource rewards/punishment for this battle. There are “trophies” and “glory”. Trophies will be discussed more below in the Lowering Trophies section. Glory is how clans earn rewards.

You can also “change your opponent”. I always Scout before doing this since it’s expensive (half the cost to attack). This will give you an new random PvP opponent in the old one’s place. No guarantee to be easier or harder to beat. This is useful when you are raiding for material for construction. In my current phase (done with constructing my castle, and instead constructing my Sets), I find I prefer to use my apples in the Portal or against the Clan Territory Abyss Bosses.


Throne Room LevelAttackChange Opponent

Lowering Trophies

Most places where players are listed, they are sorted by Trophies. But you actually want this number as low as possible.

The PvP opponents that you see are based on your Trophies. There are 3 ways to lower your trophies:

  • Lose battles on purpose
  • Leave your barracks empty and hope other’s raid you
  • Using “Revenge” in battle history (my favorite)

Losing battles on purpose is exactly what is sounds like. Empty out your barracks (you need at least 1) and attack someone you know will beat you. Pick opponents that will “cost” you the most Trophies when you lose. After you lose to the opponent, they will still be on your map, but the “cost” for losing will be a little less each time.

Leaving your barracks empty has the advantage that you don’t use you apples to “lose” battles. However you will lose resources each time you are raided. I would only recommend this right after you’ve emptied out your Gold and Mithril storage.

The Revenge feature is a bit hidden. Go to your battle history (two crossed swords in the top-left of the castle screen). There each of the times you were successfully raided will have a red button to give you the option for “Revenge”. This is free — it costs no apples. You don’t get any resources for winning, but you get/lose Trophies. So there is no disadvantage to doing this and losing on purpose.

Unfortunately, you might find your opponent is in-game and can’t be attacked, or that they have left their barracks empty so you can’t lose. Just get them next time. Note, that the battle history is limited. Over time opponents fall off the bottom of the list, so do this at least once a day. And if you test gear with Duels, then be sure to do Revenge first, or the duel history will whip out your raid history. Note, Arena battles are also in the Battle History, but in the other “Your Attacks” tab.