Battle Stats

After each battle (including from battle history) you can see stats on how it went. This is a very useful tool for analyzing your squad. First I’ll go over how to read the stats. Then I will walk through an analysis of a battle of my own.

This button to open battle stats

Here is what it looks like

There is a little explainer (below) if you tap that ? in the top-left.

Each fighter has 3 bars: damage dealt, damage received, and healing. Physical Damage is shown in red, Magic Damage in blue.

There is also a percent. This is the percent for my the squad. Above we see that Robin dealt 9% of all the damage for my squad in this battle.

Notice that healing is the healing done by that fighter (not what they received) and it includes both self-healing and healing allies.

Along the right there are also symbols for dodges, crits, kills (how many enemies they killed, there is no indicator for if they died themselves), and resurrections (again, resurrections they performed, no indicator if this fighter was resurrected themselves) .

We can also tap any gear (ours or the opponent’s) to see details.

Next you see that I cast 1 spell during this battle.

Part 2: How I analyze my battles

First I look at my tanks…

This battle was pretty fast, so my tanks didn’t get a chance to do much damage. But their main job is to take the damage, which they did well. It’s good to see the healing rune on my Jacob is working well.

Robin dodged 3 attacks, got 1 crit, and dealt 2 killing blows! Now the mages…

Gwen is a 4-Incinerator, so I would expect her to deal a lot of damage, and she does. Interesting here, my mage with the resurrection weapon (Flavius) did more damage than my mage with the damage weapon (Ariella has the Viking Scepter). I suspect this is because of the Spell Caster artifact on Ariella. I can probably take that off her, it makes more sense on a healer.

I have one Archer, a 6-Bane. Bane’s do physical “base weapon damage” but their special ability is Poison which is magic damage. Here we see her poison accounted for most her damage, but in general this wasn’t a great performance for her. The copy is the clone made by my Illusionist. There was only time for 1 clone in this fast battle.

Speaking of copies, my tank IronMan has the Ghost artifact which makes him disappear and 3 copies come in his place. Here we can see there was only time for one activation. In long battles this number can get very high.

Not lets look at the opponent…

I expected to win this battle, and I did. I will look much closer when someone 2/3rds my strength beats me by surprise. It’s still always nice to look at what the opponent has to get a feel for my strengths and weaknesses.

Their squad’s biggest damage dealer was Sophia. She’s a 3-Demon Hunter. Nothing surprising here.

Look at all those minions! 10! Pikachu rune, Hero totems, pirate barrel artifact, summon healer artifact, and the Demon Hunter’s demons.

Anything with its own row that’s not one of your fighters is a “minion” and will trigger “on minion summon” artifacts.

Here we see that the barrel from the pirate event artifact is considered a minion. As well as the Hero totems. Surprisingly, my Ice Dragon (artifact on my archer Fay) is not a minion. I almost wish it was so I could see the damage that the dragon deals separate from my archer’s damage.