The attributes are damage, magic damage, spell power, health, armor, magic armor, crit, and dodge. This page just has a high level definition of each; follow the links for details on how each is calculated.

When you open a fighter’s detail page, the attributes in the left column below training level info. Health is the exception; it is the red bar below their name.

Attributes come from:

  • The fighter’s base attributes, based on fighter training level
  • Bonus coming from the Hero
  • Gems and build in attributes on Gear.

Health is a sum of (1) the fighter’s base health based on their fighter training level, (2) their armor, and (3) their total health bonus attributes from gear, gems, and hero.

In my opinion, Health is the best attribute and should be favored when choosing jewelry and gems.

You will see gear that can “restore health” which means to restore health that’s been lost in battle up to the fighter’s max health. This is good but gear that can “increase health” is even better. That means it actually raises the maximum health for the fighter.

Damage is the most complicated to understand. I have a separate page for how damage is calculated. Mages will have Magic Damage; tanks and archers will have Damage (sometimes called physical damage to distinguish). Class is determined by the weapon. You can put a tank suit on a mage, but if it has a mage weapon then it’s a mage. 

There are exceptions to that rule of magic damage is just for mages. Artifacts can cause a type of damage different from the weapon. There are tank weapons that their ability is that they do magic damage instead of physical. “Poison”, like the archer Ancient Set Bane, does is magical damage.

Armor and Magic Armor filter a percent of the damage received. Regularly check your battle stats to see if your squad is having more trouble with magic or physical damage, then prioritize accordingly with gems. Read more about Armor.

Crit and Dodge are all “probability stats”. Basically a roll of the dice with each attack. Increasing them increases the chances. However, probability stats are considered the least desirable. Read more on Crit and Dodge.

Strategy. The standard strategy for optimizing stats is to prioritize survivability on your tanks, spell power on your mages, and damage on your archers. That applies to gear, gems, and hero.

Gear. Types of gear generally have the same types of attribute bonuses.

DamageSpell PowerHealthArmorCritDodge

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