I’ve collected all the information that I think can be useful for Hustle Castle players.

My first source for information is my friend and hc-mentor Nelley (discord nelley#1529).

Any fact about the game that I could not verify myself, I looked for two trustworthy sources or noted that it was unverified.

Whenever I could find the original source for anything, I gave them credit. However, often the original source of an idea, if there ever was a single source, was long lost by the time it reached me.

I’ve left comments open on the pages for any feedback, corrections, or additions. Or you can email me foon@hustlecastle.site — Foon

Read this page in any language:

If there is another language you would like, I can probably add it with a push of a button. Just let me know.

I also have some tricks for using Google Translate in the game.


I sell game inspired items



Diamond Giveaways:

Each week I give away 250 diamonds each to 5 winners. This is sponsored by the Official Hustle Castle Community.

You can enter by leaving a comment on ANY of my YouTube videos with your Game ID.

YouTube shows me new comments across all videos, so the comment can be on an old video and it will still be entered in this week’s giveaway.

Results from Past Drawings


Things to know early: