I’ve collected all the information that I think can be useful for Hustle Castle players.

My first source for information is my friend and hc-mentor Nelley (discord nelley#1529).

Any fact about the game that I could not verify myself, I looked for two trustworthy sources or noted that it was unverified.

Whenever I could find the original source for anything, I gave them credit. However, often the original source of an idea, if there ever was a single source, was long lost by the time it reached me.

I’ve left comments open on the pages for any feedback, corrections, or additions. Or you can email me foon@hustlecastle.site — Foon

Read this page in any language:

If there is another language you would like, I can probably add it with a push of a button. Just let me know.

I also have some tricks for using Google Translate in the game.


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Things to know early: