This page is actively under construction since the update is so new.



Starting from the update that went live September 6, 2021 all 5-start dwellers now have a talent.

Above you can see one of my fighters was lucky enough to have a green / uncommon talent right from the start. Talents come in the usual common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary varieties indicated with the usual grey, green, blue, purple, orange colors. No Ancient/Red talents at this time.

All talents (at least at this time) are only for fighters; there are no production/worker talents like seen in the American Dad game also made by Nord.

In this image, my cook has been given a mage talent, but it is not active. Similar to souls, the talent is only active if it matches the fighter class (mage, archer, warrior). So if you have a mage talent on an archer, it will just do nothing.

Making Babies

There are two was to get more chances at a good talent: tomes or more dwellers. You can immediately see the talents of any of your current 5-star dwellers (fighters or workers). If you have a queue of wanna-be residents outside your castle, then you will need to make room for one and let them inside to see their talent, one at a time.

Then there is baby making. You probably already know that the best chances at a 5-star baby are 2 5-star parents. If the parents are trained to lvl100 fighters, you might get a higher fighter training level from birth saving a little time — if the baby even turns out to have a talent worth keeping that is.

However, this might be a fools errand! So far it looks like the chances of getting a purple or orange talent from the start is either impossible or very very very rare. Even the chances of a blue talent are very low. It is still too early to know if two orange talent parents could increase chances of a better level talent baby.

Increasing Historical Power

These talents do increase the power of your squad. For me it was about 100k for these starter mostly-common talents in my 7-man squad and has gone close to 1million in a few days with blue and purple talents and 3 2-man alliances.

We can verify Alliances increase HP because the squad power for an Arena squad will be slightly higher if the players are in the barracks vs not. Alliances require the fighters to be in the barracks.

You can “deactivate” a talent by miss-matching a talent class with its weapon class. AKA, put a mage weapon on a fighter with a tank talent. Without the talents active, the alliances will also not be possible to activate. This is only if you really really care about your Historical Power (power in your profile) and are not interested in using the Talents and Alliances feature for the time being.

Observed increase in power from Talents:

HP Increase1221015630200002568035560
Thanks to Leshy from Griffendorks (Leshy#7239) for collecting these numbers

Observed increase in power from Alliances (work in progress):

Thanks to Leshy from Griffendorks (Leshy#7239) for collecting these numbers


Tombs can be bought in the Arena, Dungeon, or Gem Bay stores.


Small Talent TomeMedium Talent TomeBig Talent Tome
Arena Store1,000 badges3,500 badges8,500 badges
Dungeon Store70,000 ether230,000 ether545,000 ether
Gem Bay Store3,000 tokens9,000 tokens21,500 tokens

NOTE: Refreshing the Arena Store DOES NOT restock the sold out tomes.

Types of Tomes

The small, medium, and big tomes will each have 3 new talents inside. As you can see in the in-store tomb descriptions below, the best/rarest that each type of tome will have is what you are paying for when you buy the more expensive version.

The drop rate is low. Do not expect to get a Legendary talent in every Big tome. 1 in every 5-15 are the numbers I’m seeing shared. This is going to be an ongoing aspect of the game (like finding all the ideal souls) not something that is finished this week.

Using Tomes

You buy the tomes and they go into inventory. You then use them by selecting the fighter who you want to reroll the talent. 4 talents will open: the 3 new ones and the old one. At this point the tome is consumed and is gone.

If you can’t decide, you can close this box with the red X and come back later. I witnessed it working in a QC Runner video (https://youtu.be/QYK_6KYyDK4).

Presumably you select one of the new 3 options. Once you do, the old talent is gone. There is no recovering it; it has been replaced with the new talent.

Walking through buying and using a tome

OK! I’ve bought one 🙂
Yep, it’s in my inventory
This seems like a good place to try a re-roll
When I hit “Change Talent” I can choose between any tomes I might have
I select the Big one and get some more info
Here’s what I got. All Blue… disappointing but expected. SP increase for my Pala Mage will be nice.
And there you have it! New and improved talent 🙂

List of all Talents

I’ll start filling this in soon 🙂


Different Talents can be combined to form Alliances, some of which add notable abilities to the squad. Fighters must be in the barracks to be in an alliance and each fighter can only be a part of one alliance at a time. More about creating Alliances below in the “Management Tab” section.

In the Barracks there is a new Alliances button. Once in the Alliances screen, there are two tabs. The first Alliances” tab is a library of all the possible Alliances. The second “Management” tab is where you choose which Alliances you want active, assuming you have more than one choice.

The Alliances tab

The left side is each Alliance and what it does. The right is information about the Talents that compose the selected Alliance. This tab is just a library for information on the Alliances.

The < and > arrows (see below) on the Talents let you see how the Alliance scales if the Talents that compose it have higher levels. Each Alliance has common, uncommon, rare, legendary, epic (aka grey, green, blue, purple, orange) levels just like Talents and gear. You can mix and match the rarity levels of the Talents that compose an Alliance.

It is the lowest level rarity Talent that determines the level of the Alliance. In the image below, the “Invincible” alliance is showing what it does at Blue/Rare level because I’ve selected all Blue/Rare talents. In the “Sinner’s Confession” alliance, it is showing level Common/Grey because there is 1 Orange/Epic and 1 Common/Grey and it’s the lowest that matters.

The little heads on the left are indicators that you have residents with this ability. The little heads on the right are buttons that you can use to see who those residents are with those abilities. Note, that they will only show you residents with the level selected. See below, Livia has a green level Priest talent, while Sabina, Ivan, and about 10 other workers all have the grey level Priest talent.

I’ve been talking about Alliances being composed of Talents, but I will also point out that some Alliances simply require any Mage, Archer, or Warrior talent opposed to a specific talent. For example below, the “Immortals” alliance only requires that it have any archer and any mage.

Alliances can compose of either 2, 3, 4, or 5 fighters. See those big numbers along the left-top. Surprisingly, the desirability of the alliances doesn’t seem to go up with the number of members in the alliance. The capacity of your barracks is going to determine how many alliances and what size you can form.

The Management Tab

The game will automatically form alliances if you have all the required members, if they are in the Barracks, and if those members are not in another Alliance. If you want to form different alliances than what the game choses by default, then you need to set them up here in the Management tab.

Above it shows that I have “Bombers” and “Invincible” active. Now I select “Priest’s Rituals” to see if I can also set it up.

I have the required Talents. The right side shows one is already in my barracks and the other is not. In this case, the one who is not I know is already a lvl100 fighter, however she does not have her soul slots unlocked. So now I decide if I want this alliance enough to spend mithril on that.

Interestingly, I also have a 3rd resident with the Priest talent. However that resident does not currently have a Mage weapon equipped, so their talent is inactive. Seems the game does not consider unarmed residents as “available”.

I can start setting up the “Priest’s Rituals” alliance by dragging the fighters in. I’m then warned that I’ll be breaking another alliance because fighters can each only participate in one alliance. Here I select to move and then leave it there with neither alliance complete. The game automatically restores the old “Bombers” alliance because it’s possible to complete that one with fighters in barracks.