On Thursday, April 28, 2022 the game added a new type of item: Totems. All fighters got a new gear slot next to their jewelry. There is no required fighter training level and the slot doesn’t need to be “unlocked”.

Totems are purchased in the Arena Store, along side Spirits. Totems are enhanced with Wood and Spirits.

Orange Totems have a special ability that unlocks at level 30. It takes a lot of Spirits to reach level 30. I haven’t figured it out exactly, but it will take at least 3 weeks of selling out all the Spirits in the Arena store to get one Totem to level 30.

For this reason, I recommend selling out the arena store each week first of all Spirits, then of the 2 Orange Totems. Then once every 3 weeks, upgrade your best Totem to level 30 to unlock its ability.

The totems are named Cat Totem, Eagle Totem and Lion Totem. The name is assigned randoml at purchase and has no correlation to the ability or stat bonuses.


Totems come in the usual orange, purple, or blue varieties. However, only the orange have an ability. For this reason, I believe only the orange are worth buying.

Spirits also come in orange, purple, or blue. These are more like Elixirs or Dust and all colors are useful. This will be what limits you more than the totems themselves, so buy these first.

Note that, like tomes, the purchase limits do not reset if you reset the Arena Store with 500 diamonds.

Legendary Totem5 6002
Epic Totem4 2004
Rare Totem2 8006
Legendary Spirit2 8002
Epic Spirit1 4004
Rare Spirit8006


Each Legendary/Orange Totem has an ability. The Totem needs to be enhanced to level 30 to unlock the ability.

Here are all the totem abilities I’ve seen. If you have seen one not listed here, please let me know so I can add it.

Once in a while, a random enemy is struck off balance. They cannot dodge attacks or deal critical damage for 4 sec.

The unit has a 25% chance of their attack healing them, the amount of health restored equalling 75% of the damage done.

Once in a while, the totem owner’s physical armor is increased by 45% and their magic armor is increased by 45% for 3 sec.

Once in a while, when the totem owner is healed, their damage is enhanced by 10000 for 6 sec.

Once in a while, the unit has 75000 health restored. They have a 100% chance of having their max health increased by 57600 for 5 sec.

When taking damage, the unit has a 30% chance of reflecting 50% back to the attacker.

Once in a while, sets a random enemy on fire. The burning enemy takes 75000 damage and has their healing rate reduced by 40% for 3sec.

The unit has a 30% chance of dealing an extra 65000 damage that ignores the target’s armor

Once in a while, enemy with the most health is stunned for 3 secs.

Once in a while, disarms a random enemy for 2 sec. The disarmed enemy is unable to use their weapon abilities during that period.

Upon dying, reanimates with 29854 health once in a while.

Stat Bonuses

Orange totems get 4 stat bonuses. The other totems get less, but are added over time with enhancement. However, it does not seem worth it to bother with totems below orange.

More info to come on relationship between Spirits and stat bonuses.