Translating In-Game

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It is actually very easy to write in any language if you have the Google Keyboard.

GBoard for Android:

GBoard for iPhone

You may have to go into your phone settings after and set it as your default phone keyboard.

Then each time you want to say something, hit the 3-dot menu button along the top of the keyboard. Then hit “Translate”. You can then select to translate any from / to language that Google Translate speaks.

Below is a quick video showing the keyboard translate in real-time as I type. If the video here is too large to load, then viewing it in Google Photos might load easier:


I have a trick for reading, too. Unfortunately, it requires that you have two devices.

Use the Google Translate app’s Camera feature on a second phone, and point it at the game running on your first phone.

Google Translate App

Like this:


If you only want to translate a small bit, or your phone is having trouble with the live translation, then use the “Scan” feature rather than the “Instant” feature.

Collapse your “Message of the Day” so there is less to translate.

It works a bit better if you enter the source language than leaving the default “Detect Language”.

Reading if you don’t have a second phone…

It’s not as easy, but it is still easier than retyping everything into Google Translate yourself.

  1. Take a screenshot of the text you want to read. Tip, collapse the “Message of the Day” to fit more text in the screenshot. On Android you take a screenshot by pressing [volume down] and [sleep] buttons at the same time.
  2. Open the Google Translate App, Camera feature, then the Import feature. You can see these buttons in the screenshots above.