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Today, Friday February 11, 2022 I’m branching out and adding this News section to for all things new and noteworthy in the Hustle Castle game.

I’ve always been very happy to get this type of info from Pro Legit Gamer Mike and QC Runner and let my niche be guides, explainers, and reference material. However Mike is taking a break from content creation which will leave a very big gap in the world of HC content. I would never even try to fill those shoes for his humor and commentary. But I’m thinking of trying to fill part of that gap where it comes to what’s new and happening.

Mike showed me how to get some leak info right out of the game files. This will always be text only and I know leaks often have images. So, I went though the wormholes of searching for where else people who share leaks get their info. I found one all-Russian source in VC and will keep looking for other sources (::whispers:: message me if you know where else I should be looking).

Expect my first “leak” post immediately. I would love to make a video to go with it but I’m not sure if I will be able to before the event itself starts, haha.

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