The Dragon is back! And now with “Way of the Wolf” and
“Pirate Treasure Hunt” event items.

Tank Wolf armor is one of the last pieces of “old” event gear that was not available from the Dragon. So you will hear a lot of players who seem to have everything excited about finally getting this missing piece.

But word of warning — don’t mistake their/our excitement about it to mean that this is “must have”. It’s more that this is a good armor that some top players have and some don’t. And the ones that don’t are excited that they can have it now, too 🙂

For most players, the Pirate stuff will be more urgent to get. The Pirate spear is largely considered the best in game (with some still saying Dino is the best). And the Pirate ring will make your crab-armor-eol close to indestructible.

So here is how I rank all the inventory currently available from the Dragon. Keep in mind these disclaimers:

  • This is just in general, each squad will have its own needs.
  • I’m not sure how to rank some of the jewelry, so I just left most of them off the list. But some are pretty good and if you could use some jewelry, would be worth considering.
  • Up to now, the inventory for the Dragon has just kept adding, nothing has been taken away. So there is no rush to buy every “best” item this month. The dragon will be back next month.
  • If you really have money and diamonds to burn, you can break one of these items and buy it again. The reason to do so would be to roll the dice for better gem slots. But I really don’t recommend this.
  • Remember 7k diamonds is like $50. Don’t spend so much money that you regret it. We’re here to have fun playing a game and that’s not fun.
  • Artifacts are normally for sale for $10 during Challenge Events. The offer doesn’t have all the ones that the dragon sells, but they catch up.

Given those disclaimers, here is how I rank the items for sale by the Dragon:

  1. Power of the Sea Plat Mail (“crab” tank armor)
  2. Ancient Wisdom Wand (“dino wand”)
  3. Space Ranger Crossbow (“alien xbow”)
  4. Angel of Justice Gear (archer armor)
  5. Captain Hook spear (lower if you already have Quick End)
  6. Dragon’s Eye artifact
  7. Alien Mind Outfit (mage armor)
  8. Treasure Hunter’s ring
  9. Elven Warrior Plate Mail (tank armor for hybrids)
  10. Ancient Treasure ring
  11. Alien Mind Scepter (if you have a fighter who can use it)
  12. UFO Amulet
  13. Alien Keeper Artifact
  14. Wolf Resistance Plate Armor
  15. Quick End Spear (if you have 2nd spear user)
  16. Ancient Treasure amulet
  17. Star of the Seas Ring
  18. Punisher Artifact
  19. Rapid Fire Crossbow (higher if you want 2 xbow archers)
  20. Terror of the Seas Outfit (Mage armor)
  21. Slippery Terror artifact
  22. Force Field artifact

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