Minor Royal Challenge Leaks

The Mole has barely left and now we’ve just been told a new mini Challenge Event will start tomorrow 😰

This will be a 7-day “mini” Challenge Event with just an artifact, ring, and amulet as unique rewards. And they say it will be easier than normal.

Many had thought (myself included) that the next event was going to be a Wild West themed Hammer Event. Most events normally start in the “teens” of the month. This Mini Challenge starting on March 3rd would imply that we might still get the Hammer event and March will be a two-event month like December. 🙃

Official Info

From Hustle Castle Community Manager Kate
Wednesday, March 2, 2022 (Morning)

Dear Lords and Ladies, a new event is sneaking up on your castles! Grav decided to spring a surprise on everyone by organizing the Minor Royal Challenge. Get ready for various rewards including a unique artifact, ring, and amulet. Grav is being generous: it is now easier to collect all rewards in the 7 days the event is going to last 🤓

Wait for Grav to show up at your castle gates tomorrow at 12:00 PM GMT+3 👈

Leaked Info

Source: VK

My Lords and Miladies, an event is creeping up on your castles! Grav decided to give everyone a surprise and organized a Small Royal Trial. A variety of rewards are waiting for you, including unique Artifact, Ring and Amulet. Grav became generous and collecting all the rewards for those 7 days that the event will last has become easier. All success and good luck!

Artifact “Heavenly Justice”
Triggered: Once in a while
Decisive Maneuver
No Rune: A random enemy unit takes {} pure damage. {} of this damage is distributed as healing to all allied units.
Rune: A random enemy unit takes {} pure damage. {} of this damage is distributed as healing to all allied units. Also, all allied fighters receive a shield equal to {} from the damage dealt. Shield Duration {}s.

Amulet “Hand of Vengeance”
Once in a while, the fighter receives a shield that reflects {} attacks or abilities of opponents back. The fighter does not receive damage at the moment of reflection.

Sunstone Ring
Fires a fireball at a random enemy unit every other time, dealing {} magic damage and setting the target on fire. Opponent takes {} damage over {}s, incoming healing reduced by {} over {}s. Also, at this moment, a random ally heals {} health.

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