Dragon & Offers

We have a dragon on the roof and special offers for the new sets!


I made this list of how I would rank the items from the Dragon. Note, this is just off the top of my head, I didn’t survey top players or anything. And what is best for each individual will depend what your squad needs right now.

  1. Power of the Sea Plat Mail (“crab” tank armor)
  2. Ancient Wisdom Wand (“dino wand”)
  3. Space Ranger Crossbow (“alien xbow”)
  4. Angel of Justice Gear (archer armor)
  5. Alien Mind Outfit (mage armor)
  6. Ancient Treasure ring
  7. Alien Mind Scepter (if you have a fighter who can use it)
  8. UFO Amulet
  9. Alien Keeper Artifact
  10. Quick End Spear (only of you have 2nd spear user, Pirate is best)
  11. Ancient Treasure amulet
  12. Star of the Seas Ring
  13. Punisher Artifact
  14. Rapid Fire Crossbow (higher if you want 2 xbow archers)
  15. Terror of the Seas Outfit (Mage armor)

Honorable mention to Pizza Artifact and Friend of the Seas (healing wave aka star fish). The later more as an alternative if you don’t have Dragon Eye because both need the rune of transformation to be really good. However, I would recommend waiting for the next Challenge event and buying for $10 rather than $30 worth of diamonds. Phoenix Egg is also a good artifact but I just don’t think it’s quite worth buying; though there are those who really like it.

I’m not sure how to rank some of the jewelry, so it’s just not on the list.


Keep in mind 7k diamonds is over $50 worth. I would strongly recommend against a big shopping spree.

I’ve seem players quit because they were spending too much. Don’t spend more than you are comfortable spending on a video game. If you spend so much that you end up quitting, then that money really is just thrown away.

So far the Dragon’s inventory just keeps adding; nothing yet has been taken away as far as I can tell. So get what you can this time, the Dragon will be back again soon!

New Set Offers

Most or all TR11 players have a special offer right now for the new Ancient Sets introduced in December. Some have the “cheap” version: $10 for 2 items; $50 for a full set. Some have the expensive version: $50 for 2 items, $100 for a full set.

Again, the expensive version is a lot to spend. I personally have the expensive version and am not buying.

The cheap version is a good deal. If you are in the mood to buy yourself a treat, the obvious choice is Dragonborn. Dragonborn is currently the best Ancient Set in the game and all players are racing to build it and reroll it even stronger. Even if you already crafted a few DB items, buying the set will guarantee a high roll (you can even see the roll before buying) so could still be worth it.

If you are done with your DB, have the cheap offer, and really want to buy yourself something…. that’s a little harder to chose. I really like my own Cultist. However I’m not going to go on the record recommending people spend real money on it when the current event mage armor is a direct Cultist counter. Nameless King has hard to get materials (the expensive “Very Dark Soul” chests like Illusionist and Storm) and having a spare high-roll tank armor is always handy. Reaver doesn’t sound good on paper, but virtually no one has it yet (expedition/camel mats are very slow to get); it could also be fun to be the first on your block with one of those, haha, just be prepared for it to not be “A Team” worthy. It’s a tough call for sure!

Enjoy your new toys 🙂

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